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Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets
  • Gulab Jamun

Traditional fried dough balls soaked in a sweet and sticky sugar syrup.

  • Shrikhand

Semi-soft, sweetened strained yoghurt. Super delicious! 

  • Date or Mango Halava

  • Kesari Kheer

This semolina confection boiled with sweet dates or mango purée will have you drooling for more!

A traditional milk and rice boiled pudding flavoured with cardamom and saffron.

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  • Carrot Halava

A sweet dessert pudding made by boiling grated carrots with milk, sugar and cardamom. 

  • Vermicelli Kheer

Also known as Semiya Payasam, this is a dessert made from vermicelli strands and sweetened milk.

  • Assorted Kulfis

  • Ras Malai

Other Desserts

The signature sweet from Bengal - paneer patties soaked in sweet and tasty malai.

India's frozen dairy delicacy! Try this ice-cream in a range of natural flavours.

Other Desserts

  • Assorted Cake Slices

Simple, versatile and tasty - try our range of freshly baked cake slices. 

VGN Option

  • Rice Pudding

Rice boiled in sweetened milk till creamy and flavoured to perfection.

  • Fruit Custard

  • Sticky Date Pudding

A light and refreshing dessert and a great way to enjoy your fruits.

A sticky toffee syrup drizzled over a very moist sponge date cake.

  • Fruit Trifle

The common English dessert now revamped with layers of succulent fruit, custard and cake. 

Image by Dieny Portinanni
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