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The Yoga of Food

Yoga doesn't start with deep stretching, breathing or asanas - it starts with your tongue!

The word "yoga" conjures up in our mind images people stretching, bending, posing and breathing rhythmically; but this is far from what yoga actually is. Yoga is the art and science of dovetailing not just our body, but more importantly our mind with the Supreme.

Yoga's pre-eminent soul science known as "bhakti" allows the practitioner to practically realise realise their identity as separate and distinct from the body and mind, and furthermore, how to actually manoeuvre within the world as an enlightened spirit soul.

The bhakti yoga texts explain that just as the temporary material body has temporary material relationships with other temporary bodies, the spirit soul has a forever lasting relationship with the Supersoul - a Person they call "Krishna", the supremely attractive One.

Realising the temporary aspect of their present embodied state, the bhakti yogis dedicate themselves to fully realising and reviving their spiritual bond with Krishna by dedicating all their thoughts and activities for His pleasure - this the yoga texts explain is the perfection of meditation.

A significant way in which we human beings express our love for another is by cooking for them, this is similarly so expressed in the bhakti tradition to perfection. Bhakti yogis cook delicious pure vegetarian cuisine for Krishna's pleasure. The meals are cooked with devotion and meditation a

nd then offered to Krishna with love. These yogis then partake of the remnants of this food which is called prasadam. A wholesome prasadam diet has been recommended by the yoga texts not just for sustaining the material body but also to clean and detoxify the materially conditioned mind. Prasadam has been prescribed as the panacea to awaken the sleeping conditioned soul to the spiritual reality beyond the physical, material realm.

If you would like to know more about prasadam and how to offer your vegetarian meals to Krishna, call us or just send us an email.



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