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Vegetable Pakoras

About Gopinath's

Our Vision

At Gopinath's, we're all about providing you and the whole family with delicious, nutritious and affordable pure vegetarian and vegan cuisine alternatives. 

Food cooked with devotion...

Our meals are specially prepared by chefs practising a wholistic spiritual lifestyle based on the principles of Bhakti Yoga - an ancient yoga tradition steeped in devotion to "Lord Krishna", the "Supremely Attractive Personality". 

Cooking delectable, vegetarian dishes with love is one of the fundamental principles of Bhakti. The ancient yoga texts explain that eating food that has been cooked with devotion to Krishna has a purifying effect on one's consciousness. All of our tasty culinary preparations are free from meat, fish and eggs as well as onions and garlic making it a truly pure vegetarian choice. 

Young Man Cooking

We offer Vegan options!

Rejoice! For those of you who prefer vegan alternative, we have good news. Most of our dishes are vegan friendly and some of those which aren't, can be cooked in a way that they are. 

Check out our menu to see what suits you and if you have any questions, please contact us. 

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